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Price $17K to $18K


Year 2009 to 2009


Miles 0m to 1000000m


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2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Extended Cab SLE Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft

Used 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Extended Cab SLE Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft

Stock #29555 1771

Used 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Extended Cab SLE Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft #29555 1771

Stock# 29555 Engine V8, 6.6L Turbo Dsl 8Cyl
VIN: ***********151479 Ext. White
Miles 192008 Int. No Color
Transmission Automatic Drivetrain 4WD
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Looking for a GMC in Fresno?

If you are in Fresno and need a power vehicle, GMC is the right choice for you. GMC is known for its professional-grade lineup of power vehicles ranging from trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans.

GMC is also a proud American manufacturer which primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. It is the second biggest auto brand in the U.S and the third largest globally.

GMC has a history of over a century and through all these years GMC has been to deliver vehicles powered with capability and performance.

Buying a GMC would be perfect for your commercial needs and you can find anything from pickup and commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles, and sport utility vehicles with GMC.

We have different GMC vehicles in our online inventory. We have both pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles listed on our website for you to choose. The sports vehicle in our inventory ranges from GMC Acadia to GMC Yukon To GMC Terrain.

We also have pickup trucks for your commercial. Sierra is the most popular pickup truck from GMC. It’s a heavy-duty pickup truck with huge capabilities. It’s available in different configurations and trim levels. You can easily find one suitable for you on our site. You can call or text us to schedule a test drive at our showroom in Blackstone Avenue, Fresno.

Types of vehicle manufactured by GMC which you can buy from us in Fresno

  1. Pickup and Commercial trucks

GMC is known for its commercial trucks. GMC has a long history of pickup trucks and is one of the best sellers in the market. Pickup trucks are used for several light-duty including commercial tasks. Its main use is to haul and transport heavy loads.

Pickup trucks are generally light-duty trucks having an enclosed cab and open cargo with low side aisle and tailgate. GMC Sierra and GMC Canyon are two of the most popular pickup truck by GMC. GMC Sierra is GMC’s most professional grade pickup truck.  The Sierra 1500 has a powerful engine with excellent horsepower.


Canyon is another popular pickup truck by GMC. It is a mid-sized pickup truck. It is essentially a down-sized Sierra with strikingly similar and ability.

Apart from pickup trucks, GMC also manufactures medium-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks especially for commercial purpose.

If you’re looking for a GMC pickup truck for commercial needs in Fresno, you can easily get one from us either by visiting us or contacting us through our website.


  1. Buses

Trucks aren’t the only commercial vehicles produced by GMC.  GMC manufactures different types of buses for different commercial uses such as transit buses and shuttle buses.

The GMC Old Look Bus and New look Bus are some of the oldest buses first manufactured by GMC.

As we are dealers specialized in used cars and pickup trucks, you won’t be able to shop a bus from us but there are many sellers in Fresno who deal in GMC buses.


  1. Vans

Just like trucks and Buses, GMC also manufactures Vans. This automobile brand manufactures vans which don’t only cater to the personal needs of passengers but also the commercial needs of passengers as well as businesses organizations.

The three types of Vans produced by this versatile automobile brand are passenger, cargo and cutaway.

All these three vans are available in the GMC Savanna family which offers the great towing ability and powerful engine.

Savanna family vans can haul cargo, transport people and can do both large and small jobs.

  1. Military vehicles

As GMC is an all-rounder, it also produces military vehicles. The GMC CCKW is one of the oldest and most popular military vehicles manufactured by this awesome automobile brand. Other military vehicles are AFKWK and DUKW.

  1. Sport utility vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles are the hallmark of GMC. GMC offers SUVs which run from utilitarian to budget-conscious to opulent. There are wide ranges of small to mid-size to large SUVs available from this automobile brand.

Yukon is the most popular large size SUV which comes with a powerful and efficient Eco-Tec Engine. It also comes with ample seating, impressive trailering and innovative storage. Then, there is also the professional grade Yukon Denali which has signature styling and has some very novel features like grille, HID projector beam headlamps and distinctive chrome accents.

If you’re not looking for a full-size SUV, you can rather go for Acadia which is a mid-size SUV which helps you drive off with confidence, capability, and style.The available seating capacity is up to seven and this mid-size monster can be adapted for larger cargo space.

Just like Yukon Denali, Acadia also comes as Denali as a professional grade offering. It has a distinctive design than the base model with smoother, flowing lines running uninterrupted from front to rear and culminates in chrome appointments. It also has a highly defined interior which comes combined with advanced technologies and connectivity

If you’re looking to buy a GMC Acadia in Fresno, we have some great models available in our inventory. You can contact us through the website or directly visit our showroom at Blackstone Avenue in Fresno.

If you want to go smaller with SUVs, GMC has got you covered even there. Terrain is the most popular compact or small-size SUV and is suitable for almost everyone looking for a basic SUV. It offers bold-styling, exquisite refining, great utility and plenty of space.

Just like its larger sized brothers, terrain also comes in a professional grade offering called Denali. Denali is nothing more than a small luxury SUV and comes with exclusive features such as LED headlamps, 19” wheels, and the multidimensional Denali grille.

We have several GMC Terrain SUVs in our inventory for sale and if you would lie to test drive one, do visit our showroom in Blackstone Avenue.


  1. Motor homes

GMC is the only manufacturer of full-size motorhomes till date. GMC manufactured its full-sized motorhomes back in the 1970s and is still on the roads today. It is the only complete motorhome manufactured by an auto/truck manufacturer.

Those were all the major types of Vehicle manufactured by GMC. Although the auto brand manufactures different types of vehicles, it is particularly popular for its SUVs and pickup trucks.

We at Own a Car Fresno have all the models of SUVs and pickup trucks in our inventory and you can easily buy one by contacting us or visiting us at our showroom in Blackstone Avenue in Fresno.

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