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Could this bag protect your car from a flood?

Could this bag protect your car from a flood?

Image credit: extremevehicleprotection.com

Early morning on March 21, 2018, the south of California was hit by a powerful storm accompanied by heavy rain which left the rivers overflowing and the streets flooded. Water rescue team actively started helping and saving people caught in the flood.

And we decided to help our readers save their cars in the flood because last year the flood due to Hurricane Harvey affected around 300,000 vehicles in Texas alone.

But this time it’s not a list of practical tips but something innovative, pocket-friendly and easy to use.

It’s a bag.

But how could a bag help save your car from flood water?

Well….because it’s a flood bag.

It is one of the latest yet innovative products in the market to save your car from the flooded water.

The developers of this product even appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” which is a reality show for entrepreneurs. Aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world participate in this show for winning an investment for their business model.

Extreme Vehicle protection (E.V.P) were successfully able to persuade Daymond John (one of the investment panelists) to fund their product.

And you can most probably guess why…

The reason is that they identified one of the problems in the automotive industry in the U.S.A and came up with a unique, easy and cost-effective solution for the public.


Extreme Vehicle protection

Image Source: Extreme Vehicle Protection Instagram Profile

This product has amazingly helped many car owners save their vehicle from the havoc that floods can cause to them.

One of the real-life examples is that of Stephen Parven whose Toyota Avlon Hybrid totally flooded in the technical sense. But it was in perfect condition to be driven. Parven’s garage got filled with water by up to five feet during the Harvey in Meyerland, Houston. But his car didn’t have a single drop of water in it.

Yes… Your guess is right.

He used this EVM flood bag.

“Took the bag off, not a drop inside. My goodness, what a relief," was what Parven told.

It was actually after the Harvey that Supratik Moulik who represents the product felt the need of introducing it in Texas.

This bag works great especially when you are in a short warning situation. As soon as you hear the thunder from distance, just seal your car in the bag.

The process of using the flood bag is pretty simple:

1. First, fully unfold the EVP in front of the vehicle you want to protect. Please be sure that the vehicle has cooled down and that the engine is not running. A heated vehicle can ruin the EVP. While unfolding the bag, ensure that the zipper side is facing outwards. Get one or two people’s help.The process of using the flood bag 1

Image credit: extremevehicleprotection.com


2. Next, get two people's help to drive the car inside the bag. Ask them to hold open the bag on either side and then very slowly drive the vehicle into the bag.

The process of using the flood bag 2

Image credit: extremevehicleprotection.com

3. After the vehicle is parked inside the bag and the engine is switched off, the driver can easily exit the car. After this, the bag has to to be zipped up. The corners of the bag has also to be tied up so that each corner meets on top of the vehicles roof using the ropes which are provided along with it. This ensures your vehicle is fully protected against any water damage.


The process of using the flood bag 3

Image credit: extremevehicleprotection.com


That’s it!

Your car is safe in the garage and you can enjoy a mug of hot cocoa while the storm hits.

However, it is recommended to anchor the car to a strong structure like a pillar or a tree so that it doesn’t get flown away in case the flood level becomes extreme.

 The manufacturer also recommends cleaning off the garage area to eliminate the possibility of a nail or sharp rock puncturing the bag.

 This EVP comes in three different sizes to protect vehicles of different sizes, namely, small, medium and large.

The small size is perfect for small cars. It is designed keeping in mind the dimensions of a small car which is around 124” x 264”. So, it can easily help protect small sports cars, smart cars, and small classic cars.

The medium-sized bag is perfect for mid-sized cars like the standard-sized sedans, standard-sized sport cars as well as hatchbacks. It comes in dimensions of 144” x 288”.

And the large-sized one is again perfect for small pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers. It comes in size of 180” x 288”.

These products are available in a range of $300-$400 which according to the developer of this product is much lesser than a monthly car insurance payment.

 At the time when they came up with the product, they claimed to be the only providers of the product.

But today a few companies have also come with a similar product.

Though the product is gaining popularity, car enthusiasts like Nicholas Gomezlt believes that it may help people living in flood prone areas who get a prior warning but it may not be much helpful in places with flash floods. He also remarks that it is inconvenient to encase your car in the bag time and again. He also expresses concern that at the time of flash flood people might be at work and the bag might be lying at home, so the bag won’t be much useful.

Davy Woo who is a veteran of the automobile industry suggests that flood insurance would be more convenient and effective for car owners instead.

Final word

Has anyone used this bag? What do you think?? We would love to hear from you…

And also kindly note that we are not paid for writing about this product. We wrote about this product on the note of the recent flood in Southern California so that our readers may find it useful.





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